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We help you gather all your resume details in one place. And we'll help ensure you have each sorority's requirements covered.


We help you quickly and easily distribute your info to your rec writers in a professional and personalized way.


We help you keep track of all the moving parts to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner.

What is ?

Sorority.Pro automates the recommendation process for sorority recruitment.

  • We makes it easier for you, the Recruit, as well as for your Rec Writers.
  • We keep track of the sororities, the information requested and the deadlines based on your chosen school.
  • Sorority.Pro helps you create a personalized Recruitment Packet. Your Rec Writers will get everything they need in a concise electronic format.
  • Sorority.Pro provides an easy to follow dashboard that will show you exactly what needs to be sent out and will keep track of your progress along the way.

MY Recruitment

  • Recruitment is the process by which sororities select new members.
  • Recruitment dates, programs and requirements vary by school.
  • Formal recruitment is the primary membership drive and takes place over several days at the beginning of the semester.
  • There is only one formal recruitment per school per year.
  • Fall recruitment typically takes place prior to the start of first semester.
  • Deferred Recruitment is prior to Winter/Spring Semester and requires recruits to have completed at least one semester of classes.

Overall Process

Pick a School
Prepare Your Rec Packet
Gather Recommendations
Formal Recruitment
Information Session
Register At Your University

Sorority.Pro Is Your Recruitment Packet!

Here's what's in a recruitment packet:

  • Personalized cover note
  • Resume
  • Picture(s)
  • Transcript (unofficial)

Most sororities now utilize electronic reference systems so it's best to share packets electronically? The packet is your information to help the Rec Writer write your reference?

Sorority.Pro will guide you step by step to make sure you've got all the information you need. And once you've entered your information, it's easy to send out and keep track of your progress.

Sorority.Pro covers additional information beyond your resume that Rec Writers will need to complete your recommendation. We'll help you prep this too.

Sorority.Pro Services Include

  • Detailed questionnaire to help you build your Recruitment Packet.
  • Resume building wizard to produce a professional and personalized resume in PDF format. We offer a variety of styles to choose from plus additional styles available for a small fee.
  • Guidance for sorority requirements at your university.
  • Upload and storage for your pictures and transcript.
  • Distribution system for sending out Rec Requests and all supporting documents.
  • Dashboard to keep track of your progress.
  • Real time tracking to know when your Recs are complete.
  • Up to 3 users per account so recruit, parent and one more can view and/or edit as needed.
  • Our assurance that we will not sell your data.
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What Sorority.Pro Doesn't Do

We Don't Provide Rec's.

We don't provide rec's. Recommendations should come from individuals who are connected to you. But if you don't know someone to ask, we can help identify resources to tackle this.

We Can't Guarantee Outcomes.

While we can help you put your best foot forward, the recruitment process has many variables. Ultimately, recruitment is a mutual selection process for both you and the local chapters.

Yes! Sorority.Pro Can Help!

Your choice of university will determine what sororities are options, what your recruitment requirements will be, and when you will go through recruitment.

Who's Who in Panhellenic

  • National Panhellenic Council (NPC) NPC is the umbrella organization for 26 national women's only social member organizations and two affiliate organizations.
  • Alumni Panhellenic Associations Local panhellenic organizations support alumni members of all NPC chapters in a regional area. They have programming for members and assist local students with recruitment.
  • Collegiate Panhellenic Associations Colleges & Universities with 2 or more NPC sororities have a campus based panhellenic organization that oversees recruitment and governs general sorority life on campus.
  • Local/Collegiate Chapters This is the actual sorority chapter at the college/university.
  • ActivesCurrent collegiate members of a sorority. Recruitment decisions are made by actives in the local chapter.?
  • Recruits Individuals going through recruitment. Also known as PNR's (Pontential New Recruits) or PNM's (Potential New Members).
  • Alumni Past active members of a national sorority. Alumni members write the recommendations to introduce new recruits to active members. To write a rec, alumni must only be members of the national sorority.

There are local, national, special interest and cultural chapters which fall under different managerial councils.

Sorority.Pro exclusively covers NPC organizations.
* Sorority.Pro is not affiliated directly with NPC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorority.Pro offers an annual subscription that will cover you through one recruitment season at your chosen University.

Not a problem! Sorority.Pro allows you to add additional sororities to your distribution list. However, be sure to know what recruitment process these other organizations follow.

No! We will not sell or share your data.

There are 26 sororities that part of the NPC. They are: Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Phi; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Alpha Sigma Tau; Alpha Xi Delta; Chi Omega; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Gamma; Delta Phi Epsilon; Delta Zeta; Gamma Phi Beta; Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Mu; Phi Sigma Sigma; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Tau; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Theta Phi Alpha; Zeta Tau Alpha.

There are organizations that are a part of other councils such as the NPHC which governs the African American Greek Letter sororities. Their recruitment processes vary so check with those organizations directly. Sorority.Pro focuses on the 26 NPC sororities.

Current NPC policy makes recommendations technically optional. However, they remain the best way to introduce you, the potential new member to the chapter and are key part to making your recruitment experience successful.

Sororities, like other organizations in today’s world, are evolving their terminology and there are several terms used for the same things. Potential New Members are called PNR’s, Recruits, etc. Sorority.Pro uses the term Recruits for simplicity but they all reference the same thing.

A recommendation is a form (or letter) that an alumni fills out to introduce you to the chapter. It is the chance for you to highlight some of your past accomplishments and get the chapter excited to meet you. Most sororities now handle these electronically through their national systems.

A Rec Packet includes your social resume, pictures, a copy of your transcript and a cover note. Each Rec Writer gets a packet so they can complete your rec. Historically these were printed and often hand delivered. In today’s world, it’s better to send these electronically since the Rec systems are online. Sorority.Pro helps you complete and distribute your packet.

In general, Recs should be submitted starting 6 months before but no later than two weeks before the start of recruitment. Earlier is better. The actual deadlines vary by school. Be sure you register for recruitment on your school site and follow their directions.

It is the recruit’s ultimate responsibility to make sure the requirements at your university are met. Sorority.Pro will help ensure Rec Packet is complete and provide helpful information for your university’s recruitment process. We also will give you guidance on recommendation requirements for each sorority.

Formal recruitment only takes place once a year at each university and typically has structured events and processes. Open recruitment is offered when a chapter is expanding or when they have additional spaces that weren’t filled during formal recruitment.

Deferred recruitment takes place at the beginning of winter or spring term. Most schools that participate in deferred recruitment do so to require that all recruits have successfully completed one term (12 hours) of classes. The benefit to recruits is that you will have an a full semester to get acclimated to college and become aquatinted with the different chapters.

Each sorority is its own entity with rules, names, etc. While the common name is recommendations (“Recs”), you may also hear Referral, LOR (letter of reference), RIF (Recruitment Information Form), PNM (potential new member) Introduction Form, etc. They all serve the same purpose so don’t worry about the names.

Sororities use Recs to get to know the girls coming through recruitment. They may pull and read the Rec if they’ve met someone they want to know better, or they may use it to identify girls to get to know. Think of Recs as introductions to people you haven’t met.

These pictures are used to help introduce you to the chapter so be sure it’s a good representation of you. Think of it this way…..if you walked in the door and hadn’t met someone before, could they pick you out of the crowd based on the pictures you submitted? Put your best foot forward but be sure it’s a genuine and clearly you!

Ideally, you should complete your recommendations three to four months prior to recruitment. This not only gives you the most time for sororities to get to know you, but it also allows you to get these done and off your plate before other college priorities begin.

Unfortunately, some colleges’ online information is not kept up to date. If the question is about actual recruitment, follow the college information. But if it’s a question of submitting recs, it’s more likely that the sorority’s site has the more current information. Your Rec Writer can help sort out specific questions.

A quota is the maximum number of recruits a sorority can take in a formal recruitment period. It is typically based on the total number of recruits at a certain point in the process (i.e. after the first round) divided by the total number of houses. Often there are different quotas for each class going through (ie first year students vs. second years).

It is always best to have options so yes, you should try to get a Rec for all sororities at your University. Having a Rec in place opens the door for you; it is not a commitment beyond that.

The best recommendations come from people that know you or your family personally. Moms of your friends and your parents’ friends are often great resources for Recs. Once you put the word out that you need Recs for the houses at your university, you’ll often be surprised at who can help.

No, an immediate family member should not right your rec.

Most sororities will only accept one recommendation per person so if you really want someone to write your rec for a specific sorority, don’t send to more than one person. However if have several writer options for a sorority and don’t care whose rec gets in first, it’s ok to ask more than one. Regardless, more recs does not mean more consideration - one is all you need!

In today’s world, most sororities will only accept one rec per recruit so you don’t get extra points for having more. But definitely try for one for each chapter.

Ask your family friends and use your social network to put the word out for what you need. Also use your local Panhellenic chapter who can help identify people to help if you get in a pinch. And remember, the alumni needs only to have been a member of the national sorority, not of that specific chapter.

Sororities won’t accept recommendations after recruitment has started and often have a stated cut off the week (or two) before recruitment. While it never hurts, once recruitment begins, recs may not get reviewed.

While most recs are electronic these days, if a Rec Writer wants a hard copy, you can print out your packet from Sorority.Pro and mail them a copy. You can also still use the Sorority.Pro system to track that rec.

No. An unofficial copy of your transcript is fine.

You will need three pictures - a headshot, a full body shot and one that is either half or 3/4 body shot. All Recs require a headshot; some sororities ask for the additional two images. Sorority.Pro will help you manage this.

You should choose pictures that show you in your best light and represent who you are as a person. Professional pictures often turn out the best but they are not required. Do be sure to take and use pictures that are just for this purpose - introducing you! Don’t use a shot where other people are shown or there is anything controversial in the background.

Don’t worry….not all categories of questions will apply to everyone. There are some basics that do need to be filled out but beyond that, include what makes sense for you and move on. However, be sure you have all your information and pictures compiled before you begin sending Rec requests.

Your resume should highlight your background and will sent to each sorority as part of your Rec Packet. Many sororities now ask for your resume to be uploaded into their system as an attachment. The Sorority.Pro Questionnaire covers additional questions that the Rec Writer may need to answer while completing your Rec. It will not be submitted to the sororities as a document but that information may be included by your Rec Writer in their recommendation form.

Social media is a key information source for actives getting to know you and other recruits. For this reason, it’s critical that you not only include your profile link on your resume, but be sure it represents your best self. Now is the time to curate your feed to be sure you are comfortable with the images and messages being shown. Be true to yourself and put your best foot forward!

You may consider starting with a few gentle reminders; you can set these up in the Sorority.Pro system. If you consistently don’t hear back, it may be time to try another contact to write that Rec. It won’t hurt if you end up with more than one Rec, though remember most sororities will only accept the first one received.

Definitely write a thank you note but decide on a plan that works for you and stick with it. Writing when they agree to write your Rec, or when the Rec is finished are both good options. You can track your thank you notes through Sorority.Pro.

Don’t worry! Most sororities will accept recommendations up to a week or two before recruitment. It is, however, recommended that you send information in as soon as you can so the chapters have time to get to know you.