About Us

Sorority.Pro was created to fill a need.

An active alum, Jennie found herself struggling to complete Sorority Recs because Recruits weren’t sure what to do and did not submit the necessary information. And the process itself continues to change which makes it even harder!

Jennie looked for a way to make Recs easier for both Recruits and Rec Writers. When she didn’t find an existing tool, she created one. Greek life has been so much more to Jennie than just pledging a house which she did at Southern Methodist University (SMU) a few years back. It has provided her with lifetime friendships, leadership opportunities and community connections.

Sorority.Pro is here to help the next generation experience a rewarding recruitment and all the benefits of Greek Life. An Atlanta native, Jennie and Sorority.Pro are now based in Dallas, Texas.

Yes! Sorority.Pro Can Help!

Your choice of university will determine what sororities are options, what your recruitment requirements will be, and when you will go through recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions