Joining a Sorority is exciting


Recruitment can be overwhelming.

makes the process simpler.

We help you get organized, distribute and track your Recs so you can focus on the important things:
Meeting new people and having fun!

We Make It Easier. We Make It Better.


We help you gather all your resume details in one place. And we'll help ensure you have each sorority's requirements covered.


We help you quickly and easily distribute your info to your rec writers in a professional and personalized way.


We help you keep track of all the moving parts to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner.

What is ?

Sorority.Pro automates the recommendation process for sorority recruitment.

We make it easier for you, the Recruit, as well as for your Rec Writers.
We keep track of the sororities, the information requested and the deadlines based on your chosen school.
Sorority.Pro helps you create a personalized Recruitment Packet. Your Rec Writers will get everything they need in a concise electronic format.
Sorority.Pro provides an easy to follow dashboard that will show you exactly what needs to be sent out and will keep track of your progress along the way.

Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment is the process by which sororities select new members.
Recruitment dates, programs and requirements vary by school.
Formal recruitment is the primary membership drive and takes place over several days at the beginning of the semester.
There is only one formal recruitment per school per year.
Fall recruitment typically takes place prior to the start of first semester.
Deferred Recruitment is prior to Winter/Spring Semester and requires recruits to have completed at least one semester of classes.

Overall Process

Pick a School


Prepare Your Rec Packet








Register At Your University


Sorority.Pro Is Your Recruitment Packet!

Here's what's in a recruitment packet:

Most sororities now utilize electronic reference systems so it’s best to share packets electronically. The packet is your information to help the Rec Writer write your reference.

Sorority.Pro will guide you step by step to make sure you’ve got all the information you need. And once you’ve entered your information, it’s easy to send out and keep track of your progress.

Sorority.Pro covers additional information beyond your resume that Rec Writers will need to complete your recommendation. We’ll help you prep this too.

Sorority.Pro Services Include

Detailed questionnaire to help you build your Recruitment Packet.
Resume building wizard to produce a professional and personalized resume in PDF format. We offer a variety of styles to choose from plus additional styles available for a small fee.
Resume building wizard to produce a professional and personalized resume in PDF format. We offer a variety of styles to choose from plus additional styles available for a small fee.
Guidance for sorority requirements at your university.
Upload and storage for your pictures and transcript.
Distribution system for sending out Rec Requests and all supporting documents.

Here's what's in a recruitment packet:

Dashboard to keep track of your progress.
Real time tracking to know when your Recs are complete.
Up to 3 users per account so recruit, parent and one more can view and/or edit as needed.
Our assurance that we will not sell your data.

annual subscription fee

$169 per recruit

What Sorority.Pro Doesn't Do

We Don't Provide Rec's.

We don't provide rec's. Recommendations should come from individuals who are connected to you. But if you don't know someone to ask, we can help identify resources to tackle this.

We Don’t Guarantee Outcomes

While we can help you put your best foot forward, the recruitment process has many variables. Ultimately, recruitment is a mutual selection process for both you and the local chapters.

Yes! Sorority.Pro Can Help!

Your choice of university will determine what sororities are options, what your recruitment requirements will be, and when you will go through recruitment.

Who's Who in Panhellenic

National Panhellenic Council (NPC)

NPC is the umbrella organization for 26 national women's only social member organizations and two affiliate organizations.

Alumni Panhellenic Associations

Local panhellenic organizations support alumni members of all NPC chapters in a regional area. They have programming for members and assist local students with recruitment.

Collegiate Panhellenic Associations

Colleges & Universities with 2 or more NPC sororities have a campus based panhellenic organization that oversees recruitment and governs general sorority life on campus.

Local/Collegiate Chapters

This is the actual sorority chapter at the college/university.


Current collegiate members of a sorority. Recruitment decisions are made by actives in the local chapter.


Individuals going through recruitment. Also known as PNR's (Pontential New Recruits) or PNM's (Potential New Members).


Past active members of a national sorority. Alumni members write the recommendations to introduce new recruits to active members. To write a rec, alumni must only be members of the national sorority.

There are local, national, special interest and cultural chapters which fall under different managerial councils.

Sorority.Pro exclusively covers NPC organizations.
* Sorority.Pro is not affiliated directly with NPC.

Frequently Asked Questions